How do I create a new computer connection in X-Win32 ?


Before using X-Win32 you need to indicate which computer you want to connect to (login/logon) and how to connect to the computer.  The steps below show how to create a connection to the Linux computer  "".  

In the example below, the connection created uses "ssh" to login to the system and starts an "xterm" terminal that will display to your Windows computer.



Step 1:   Click on the "Start" or "Windows" icon in the lower left hand corner of your computer to bring up the list of programs installed on your computer and select  "X-Win32 2011".

  Start---> All Programs --> X-Win32 2011


Step 2:  The " X-Win32 2011 Configuration" window will now be shown.  If you do not see this window, look in the system tray at the bottom of your screen for an X-win32 icon and double click the icon to open the window.  The icon is a large "X" with a small image of a computer screen in the lower right corner.


Step 3:  Click on the "Wizard" button on the right.



Step 4: In the "Connection Wizard - X-Config" window that appears, do the following:

        a)  Enter "Andes"  in the name field.

        b)  Select (click on) "ssh" in the Type: field.

        c)  Click "Next".



Step 5: In the "Host:" field of the next window enter  ""  and then click "Next".



Step 6: In the next window enter only your "Login:" name for Andes.  DO NOT ENTER YOUR PASSWORD.

Your login name is the user name you were given for the system and is typically the first letter of your first name followed by your last name.


Step 7: In the next window, Click on "Linux" and the "Command" field should automatically be filled in.  Once this is completed click "Finish".


Step 8:  You should now see a window entitled "andes" in the "Xwin32 2011 Configuration" window .




Step 9: To test or use this connection click on the  "andes"entry  listed under the "My Connections" block and then click "Launch".