How do I install AFS for 32 bit windows?

An AFS client on your windows computer will allow you access to the Dartmouth shared file servers.


 Once you have installed Open AFS, please see "Using AFS on Windows".


There are 3 main steps involved with the installation.

    1. Download the software

    2. Install and configure the software

    3. Reboot your computer



Detailed installation steps


   1. Download Open AFS for Windows




  2. Run the executable file and you should see a window similar to the one below. 

Click ---    "Next"




  3.  License Agreement . 

Click ---   "I Agree".




  4. Choose Components.

"Select the Type of Install"  =    "AFS client"

Check ---   "Upgrade/Install AFS Client"

Check ---   "MS Loopback Adapter"  (checkbox will be grayed out if MS Loopback Adapter was installed earlier)

Click   ---    "Next"



   5.  Choose Install Location. 

Click  ---    "Next"



   6. CellServDB Configuration

click  ---   "Download from web address".

Click  ---    "Next"





   7.  Client Cell Name Configuration

"Enter AFS cell name:" =

Check  ---   "Enable AFS Freelance Client "

Check  ---   "Use DNS to Search for Cell Servers"

Click    ---    "Next"



   8. AFS Credentials Configuration

Check ---    Auto initialize AFS Credentials

Check ---   Renew drive maps

Check ---   IP Address change detection

Check ---   Quiet

Click   ---   Install





9.  Reboot the computer



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